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Welcome to Yiwu Tower Trading Limited, your trusted partner in sourcing excellence. Established in 2007, we take pride in being a premier sourcing agent in China, connecting businesses worldwide with high-quality products and seamless procurement solutions.

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We Offer Solutions for All Types of Buyers

If You Don't Have Chinese Suppliers

If you never imported from China and have no idea for factory sourcing, products selection, factory audit, quality control, suitable package, trust us to be your reliable partner in China procurement!

If You Have Chinese Suppliers Already

You might still worry about the high commission rates. You might still worry about poor service (timeless response, product quality, and delivery) You might encounter a weak supplier reputation and financial strength. We take care of everything and provide the best support for you!
easy guide

8 Steps to Wholesale From Yiwu Market


Step 1:
Customer Reception

At Yiwu Tower Trading Limited, we extend a warm welcome to our valued clients. Our dedicated team provides personalized assistance, offering pick-up services from the airport, bus and train stations, or hotels. For those unable to visit China in person, we also offer seamless online support.


Step 2:
Yiwu Market Guide

Navigate the bustling Yiwu Market with confidence, guided by our team of three highly experienced professionals. One team member meticulously records details, another captures essential visuals through photography, and the third secures product samples. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive and insightful overview of the market.

Bargain With Booth

Step 3:
Bargain With Booth

Rely on our skilled professionals to negotiate optimal prices at each booth. Our dedicated staff is adept at securing favorable deals, ensuring our clients receive the best value for their investments.

Step 4:
Order Confirmation

A meticulous record is created for each customer's detailed requirements, promptly communicated to the respective factory. We prioritize accuracy and transparency, facilitating a seamless transition from negotiation to order confirmation.


Step 5:
Warehouse Facility

Benefit from the convenience of our dedicated warehouse facility, where we efficiently collect and store your goods. Our secure storage ensures the safekeeping of products until they are ready for the next phase.

Step 6:
Quality Control

Quality is paramount at Yiwu Tower Trading Limited. Every item undergoes meticulous inspection within our warehouse, ensuring adherence to the highest standards before reaching our clients.

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Step 7:
Shipping & Document

Efficiently load and ship out goods with our streamlined shipping processes. We manage the logistics intricacies, providing our clients with peace of mind regarding the timely and secure delivery of their products.

Step 8:
After-sales Service

Recognizing the challenges of visiting China, we go the extra mile in providing ongoing support. Our after-sales service includes regular recommendations of new items, keeping our clients informed and engaged with the ever-evolving market trends.